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Safety operating procedures for impact drill [2016-01-08]

Impact drills rely on rotation and impact to work. Single impact is very slight, but the impact frequency of 40000 times per minute can produce continuous force. Can be used for natural stone or concrete. The impact of drilling work in a drill chuck adjustment knob, adjustable normal electric drills and impact drills in two ways. But the impact of drilling is the use of internal gear to achieve mutual beat of impact, but the impact is far less than the hammer.

Improper use of percussion drilling can cause damage, damage, mechanical damage, electric shock, drowning, fire, poisoning, explosion and other hazards. Therefore, it is particularly important to grasp the safety operation procedures of percussion drills.

1, the operator must go through the relevant departments after passing the examination, can be certified, undocumented or illegal operation is strictly prohibited to drink.

2, drilling operations must be manufacturers inspection certificate, manufacturer qualification, certification, etc. to provide security departments.

3, to enter the site, the job must be wearing safety door activities, cross operation, night workers must wear a reflective vest, subject to on-site safety management, safety education training disclosure.

4, the installation of the rig site should be flat, solid, installation of professional personnel to conduct a unified command and installation, non professional personnel to install the operation.

5, forest adjacent non ignition operation, such as the need for hot work must be reported to the security department, take effective safety measures after operation. Site shed must be equipped with fire fighting equipment, prohibited the use of coal, gas, high power electric stove fire heating, prevent fire and poisoning incidents occurred.

6, in order to avoid the drilling tool is not clamped, do not work, shall not remain in the bottom of the well.

7, in case of bad weather, not to work on the mast.

8, stop working, should be removed from the well drilling.


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