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Sale problems , power tools manufacturer Chuan Ben for you to solve your worries [2014-03-28]

Chuan Ben electric tools, we will let you satisfied, we have a long history, Zhejiang has Yongkang "good quality" reputation, we not only have a long history of product quality good, there is a very good customer service and one to one service. Want to make the best products, want to do a brand, service and quality is directly proportional.

Chuan Ben electric tools promise: the ordering products three months Baohuan motor (under normal use), is the region of slow-moving models, in does not affect the two sales situation, provide free replacement service, sales no risk, Chuan run company will according to sales ratio corresponding gift accessories vouchers, dealers can the use of vouchers ordering process in the future; dealers can arrange personnel to the company customer service repair personnel training, in order to quickly resolve customer service problems, and assign one to one service, people-oriented, quickly solve the dealer as pressing danger.


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