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Shandong Linyi wholesalers Mr. Zhang intends to cooperate with our factory [2014-05-06]

In May 3rd, Shandong Linyi Mr. Zhang self driving cars to we Chuan Ben power tools limited company to visit, as in the local sales of electric tools good businessman.

Mr. Zhang on the quality and brand of our state, one-stop production process, perfect after sale service; more importantly, pastoral state covering sixty or seventy kinds of electric tools category, for large wholesalers purchase convenience is undoubtedly the ideal effect they want most.

Of course , we are manufacturers and sales staff are very able to understand the prices of goods for large businesses generally have to go back to reason about the idea , with no intention of concentrated concentrated , Mr. Zhang is optimistic about our factory , if orders quickly implement down.

These , I believe , Mr. Zhang has a plan to do , including the call over to say hello today , Mr. Zhang is still very stable contact reasoning better tomorrow , so we very much hope to cooperate with Mr. Zhang.


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