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Shanghai Bund stampede [2015-01-04]

In January 1, 2015 morning, New Year's Eve events occurred in Shanghai Bund stampede , causing 36 deaths , 25 were women and 48 were injured. After the accident, people holding hands around the block spontaneous crowds , leaving a place for the injured and ambulances for treatment of channel placement . Shanghai on the 1st of all New Year's Eve activities canceled. Shanghai police informed : Biography " throw dollars cited stampede " is actually a voucher , not cause people squeezed and occurs after the stampede.This is the first day of 2015 , this is a happy day, but the sorrows and joys of change , sometimes only in an instant.
We want this event alert before the accident on mastering self knowledge and prevention , in order to prevent the tragedy struck . When someone falls, the first reaction is crucial to see people around . If you can respond quickly and in an organized manner to maintain public order and inform others , may not result in serious consequences.

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