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Simple and effective way to flip electric circular saw [2015-04-02]

Before we learn electric circular saw flip this method , we first need to understand electric circular saw on the floor in the use of force to withstand small but flip it to the floor after taking the full force of the floor and are only three fixed points so after having adjustable blade flip side by a small force will swing around very unstable stationary moving parts . This is very dangerous, easily lead to an accident, so use it with caution .
Depending on the shape of the first circular saw beneath the iron on the desktop to pull a square hole , and then electric circular saw upside down , the iron from the hole out into the above table , wooden tables below the plane of the motor . Then move parallel circular saw to make desktop boosting iron two sides , then the other two sides iron is vacant, I found a stick to hold an edge dangling . Desktop and iron electric circular saw on a plane to be in , sizzling slightly better point . Then on top and then covered with an MDF or Daixinban screws on it. Iron slightly higher point in favor of a fixed circular saw , use them very stable.
Overall, the above is to use desktop and Daixinban grip that comes with electric circular saw iron . The advantage of this scheme is not a flip board, because there is no screw loose screws problem does not occur . Easy disassembly , remove the upper plate can come up with electric circular saw .

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