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Strongly recommend two blowers [2013-08-28]


   Chuan Ben power tools production blower and suction machine appearance, size adjusted to wind, the wind is strong, quality and cheap. Blower machine is designed for cleaning the dust and design, it is mainly through the high-speed rotating blades to absorb the wind will blow away the dust, or suck ,certainly must take the time to the suction air blowing pipe is arranged on the left, the dust collecting bag in front of the air outlet mouth oh! It can work as a cleaner is simple to use. Suction fan blowing air volume is the hair dryer dozens of times, although less than the pressure of compressed air pressure, but also very big, when cleaning computer CPU fan, power supply fan and chassis, computer monitors the internal dust, need only 1-2 minutes can be the whole computer clean, but not keep the dead angle, in order to extend the life of the computer, lower computer temperature, reduce the computer crash problem, it is necessary to do the work of cleaning up the computer, the use of suction fan blowing, you will completely get rid of towels and brush such a poor way to clean, simple and convenient to use, one hand can operate.
   The first is ChuanBen mod.9016 paragraph Sichuan 25mm suction fan blowing air volume of 2.8m ³ / min, no-load speed 16000r/min, the input power is 500W, rated at 50-60HZ.
   The other is ChuanBen mod.9116 paragraph 35mm suction fan blowing air volume of 3.5m ³ / min, no-load speed of 0-13000r/min, the input power is 850W, rated at 50-60HZ.
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