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Structural characteristics of circular saw [2013-12-04]

Electric circular saw uses carry climb shape structure , mainly by the electric motor , gear box , protective cover, regulatory agencies and the bottom plate , handles, switches, can not be re -plug , circular saw blades and other components.

Motor using single- phase series motor , according to the stator and rotor core and the presence or absence of additional insulation between the ground into a single insulated electric circular saw ( between the stator and on the ground without additional insulation , also known as Class Ⅰ tools ) and double-insulated electric circular saw ( stator and rotor and to have additional insulation between the ground , also known as class Ⅱ tool ) .

Adjustment mechanism to adjust the depth of the plate , angle adjustment plate , tighten the nut and the floor , etc., tighten the nut to loosen up and down the floor to the desired cutting depth adjustment , then tighten the nut. Angle adjustment is to adjust by loosening screw wingnut floor in front of the bevel , adjusted to the desired angle (0 ° ~ 45 °), and then tighten the nut.

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