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The 19th China hardware expo will be shown in Yongkang Zhejiang Province [2014-07-24]

       Yongkang Zhejiang is known as the hometown of hardware that there are nearly 10000 hardware

enterprises, employees 300000 people in China,is one of the largest hardware industrial cluster in

China.Since 1996,China(Yongkan)hardware fair has been held the 18th.After 20 years,The hardware fair has

become the vane of China's hardware industry and barometer, the professional and commercial value is

recognized on the annual turnover exceeds 10 billion.
      In addition.Yongkan develop another professional exposition such as"Door fair""Mould exhibition"

because of its driving.
      It learned the online declaration platform opening on 26th July is the first day.There are 866

companies registration participat expo."Than the previous 630 increase in 236, up 37% from a year

earlier."Show host, China hardware city yongkang group co., LTD. Staff told reporters.he said“In 866

register enterprises, , there are 688 companies to declare the 1148 standard booths;178 companies

declare space-unit 10698 square meters, more than the previous 9456 square meters, 1242 square meters,

up 13% from a year earlier.”

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