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The analysis of the 2015 competition pattern of China's electric tool industry [2015-03-30]

Due to the upgrading of industry and infrastructure construction of the substantial investment, the domestic electric tools in the future market capacity can 
not be underestimated.
International Mould and hardware plastic industry suppliers association secretary general Luo Baihui said, the state vigorously advocated the development of 
advanced manufacturing industry, and put High-speed Rail, ships and other infrastructure construction, which gave the electric tool industry has created a 
hitherto unknown market and development opportunities.
He expected, the domestic electric tools market capacity is growing fast, with an annual growth rate of more than 25% by 2012, market capacity will reach 
20500000000 yuan.
So the industry will inevitably lead to many enterprises to feast to share the. But for now, the domestic manufacturers do not occupy the advantage in the 
competition. If you do not improve the technical capacity to break out of an encirclement, survival is more will be placed in jeopardy.
He said, according to the technical requirements of the products, applications and other characteristics, electric tools can be divided into industrial 
level, professional level and household level three level DIY.
Among these, industrial power tools products are mainly used in the process of precision or environmental protection demanding work places, such as 
aerospace, has the characteristics of high technical requirements, profit is high, the small size of the market; DIY household level electric tool and is 
mainly used in the precision request is not high and continuous operation time is not long occasions, such as the family repair, simple decoration and so on, 
has the characteristics of low technology content, low profits.
"At present, most of the domestic electric tools production enterprises in the production of DIY domestic electric tools products, product sales mainly to 
price as a means of competition, the overall presentation of a low-end, disorderly competition state; and professional electric tool with high technical 
content, high profit margins, market, industry wide range high threshold, brand value higher characteristic, market year for Germany, Japan's MAKITA, Japan 
Bosch Hitachi American, DEWALT and other foreign brands giant firmly control."
He suggested that domestic manufacturers should strengthen their technological capabilities. Otherwise, once the Bosch such high-end manufacturers continue 
to tentacles extending downwards, in the end the field layout, will further erode the market space.

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