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The arrival of the winter solstice , CHUANBEN power tools greetings to you [2014-12-23]

Unconsciously, ushered in the winter solstice , and went to the end of the year , Ben Sichuan power tools in this wish all friends, happy winter solstice , below , from small series to talk to you about the winter solstice by Come on !
Also known as the winter solstice festival , in accordance with the traditional Chinese calendar , with 25 as a candidate , the three candidates for the 15th section or together, in the year is divided into twelve sections and twelve gas , collectively known as the Second fourteen solar terms , which is used in the selection of the weather Sunday school , Sunday school is optional depending on the lunar calendar to select the throttle guitar lessons, and was combined with the so-called lunar and solar calendar lunar and solar calendar refers to the round solar terms ( the cycle of the sun is divided into twelvestages , subdivided twenty four seasons , a section of a stretch for a month. ) , is purely lunar month ( in accordance with the acts of the moon cycle may be. ) , the days are national calendar of December 22 or twenty thirty-two day

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