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The automobile industry electric tool market ushered in the spring [2014-08-15]

     In our life, electric tools can be seen everywhere, such as drill the wall with electric drill, cutting with cutting machine, herbicidal lawn mower, sawing wood with a chainsaw. Electric tool industry belongs to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry which is widely used in aerospace, high-speed railway construction, shipbuilding, automobile industry and other advanced equipment manufacturing industry and the building of roads, decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production areas. In recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic auto industry,car care tools market is expanding and the power tools market share continues to improve.
      Electric tool steam field mainly includes grinder, hammer, electric wrenches, air gun, electric jack, although these tools are widely used in other areas, but with the increase of car care tools demand, many tools production enterprises have gradually shifted, turning the huge potential of the market after the car.We must
recognize the current electric tool market situation is not optimistic, most of the enterprises in China is still in the processing stage in tool manufacturing technology, the electric tool in high level of demand can not be completely satisfied. Of course, this does not mean that China's electric tool market is stagnant, but it is just a great opportunity of development. The automobile industry has grown in China, a huge market demand will inevitably lead to a series of industrial development, including electric tools must also ranked among this.
      In short, the brand development is the primary task in the development of electric tools,The existing scale tool enterprises should recognize the situation and seize the automobile industry that lead the domestic steam electric tool development of market.

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