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The current situation of the electric tools industry in 2018 analysis of the export leading demand [2018-03-12]


1. The electric tools can be classified into three categories and nine classes


As one of the common application tools, electric tools can be seen everywhere, such as electric drills, saws, cutting machines, mowers and so on. The application range of electric tools is very wide, it is an important equipment for daily production and life, and plays an indispensable role in the social and economic development. In accordance with the technical requirements and application fields of the product, the electric tools can be divided into three levels: industrial level, professional level and DIY household level.




Fit for the occasion

Industrial level

The technical requirements are high ,the market is small.

A workplace with high requirements for the precision of a process or a high requirement for a working environment, such as the aerospace industry

professional level

It has high power, fast speed, long motor life, high technical requirement, wide market range, high industry threshold and high brand value.

A place that needs to be repeated for a long time, such as a construction site.

DIY household level

Low technical content, low profit, small market characteristics

A workplace where the precision of the process is required or the working environment is not required, such as a simple family repair.


The following are the following details: metal cutting tools, abrasive tools, assembly tools, building road tools, forest processing tools, agricultural and animal husbandry garden tools, mining tools, railway tools and other tools:


Common tools

metal cutting tools

electric drill,Reciprocating saw,cutter-off machine etc.

abrasive tools

angle grinder, electric sander, wood sander, etc.

assembly tools

Electric wrench, electric screwdriver, etc

building road tool

rotary hammer, impact drill etc.

forest processing tool

Let bakelite,jig saw, circular saw etc.

agricultural and animal husbandry garden tools

Electric mower, electric chain saw, etc.

mining tools

Electric drill rock machine, rock drill

railway tools

Electric drill sleeper, Jack hammer sleeper, etc



2, the scale of the electric tools is rising, and the output and income increase double.


Since 1940s, electric tools have become an international production tool, and the penetration rate has been greatly improved. Now it has become one of the indispensable household appliances in the family life of developed countries. China's electric tools began to enter mass production in 1970s, flourishing in 90s, and the total amount of industrial scale expanded continuously. Over the past more than 20 years, China's electric tool industry has been developing continuously in the process of undertaking international division of labor. In 2016, the total number of Enterprises above the industry scale totaled 281, achieving sales revenue of 70 billion 825 million yuan, up 6.30% over the same period last year.

With the continuous transfer of the global electric tool industry to China, China's electric tools have been gaining momentum and maintained a steady growth trend. The development of China's electric tools is mainly divided into three stages:




Starting period,

20century 60 ages

Most of the electric tools are electric drills.

 growth period

20century 70 ages-80ages

The reform and opening up has injected new vitality into the development of electric tools, the manufacturing industry of electric tools is growing, and the category of electric tools is gradually enriched.

 development period

after 20century 90 ages

The electric tool industry has obtained great development opportunities during the process of undertaking international division and transfer, showing strong competitive advantages. China has now become the main power tool producer in the world.


Since 1990s, China's electric power tool industry has obtained great development opportunities during the process of undertaking international division of labor and has shown strong competitive advantages. China has now become the world's leading power tool producer. Taking the output of portable electric tools as an example, in 2007, the output of hand-held electric tools in China was 244 million 867 thousand, and in 2017, the output was up to 255 million 972 thousand.

3. The dominant market pattern of MNCs


Similar appliances such as washing machine clutch parts industry, domestic electric tool parts manufacturers can be divided into three types: one is the electric tool machine manufacturers, the enterprises own production parts, then assembled into a whole; the two is a large electric tool parts manufacturers, professional electric tool machine manufacturers to provide spare parts; the three is engaged in electric tool parts production of small and micro enterprises and the electric tool parts as products of the enterprise.


After years of development, the global electric tool industry has formed a relatively stable pattern of competition, BOSCH, MAKITA, Black & Decker, Hitachi and other large multinational companies occupy a major share of the market. In the domestic market, although the market share of domestic brand has improved, it is still not getting rid of the situation that large multinational companies occupy the market of high-end electric tools. Enter the large multinational power tool company qualified supplier system manufacturers, general technology, with industry leading R & D capability, product quality, delivery ability and corporate reputation, and once customers with suppliers to establish a procurement relationship, the short term will not easily make changes, the industry's leading electric tool parts production enterprises and also has a relatively stable market share.


4, the export leading demand, the insufficient supply capacity of the high-end products


In terms of demand, the market demand for electric tools in China is mainly exported, and the domestic market is supplemented by domestic sales. After decades of development, the electric tool industry is becoming more mature in the process of undertaking international division of labor and has become one of the main suppliers of the international power tool market. As an extroverted industry with obvious characteristics, the export rate of China's electric tool industry (whole machine and parts) is more than 80%, and export volume ranks first in the world. As a mechanized tool with large volume, electric tools are widely used in various fields of national economy, such as building roads, metal processing, wood processing and so on. With the development of the world economy, the manufacturers of electric tools and parts have wide market space.


The supply side, electric tools and machine parts manufacturers in China came into being driven by the market demand, the emergence of a number of high professional level, strong R & D capabilities, product quality stable supply manufacturers, industry production scale enterprises in the fierce competition in the market continues to expand, the market concentration has improved. It is worth mentioning that most of the power tool industry in China is private enterprises, and the highly competitive private enterprises have become the main force in the development of China's electric tool industry. Taking China's electric power tool market as the most developed city in Yongkang as an example, as early as 2002, the production of Yongkang electric tools exceeded the world's largest power tools, Japan and Germany, and became one of the largest electric tool production bases in the world. However, at present, the power tools and parts manufacturers in China are still in bad condition. The ability to produce high-grade electric tools is slightly insufficient. The electric tool industry needs further improvement and maturity.

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