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The definition and use of angle grinders [2015-01-09]

Angle grinder is mainly used for cutting or grinding. So a lot of angle grinding can be used for various categories of 
work and a variety of materials , such as : cutting, wire wheel brush, polished pieces , polished , wood saw, marble 
cutting, aluminum cutting disc .
Angle grinder is widely used in metal processing and construction industries , as well as rescue operations. 
Normally present in the workshop , garage or car repair shop. There are many types of angle grinder , if you want to 
select an appropriate angle grinder , the most important factor is the choice of angle grinding and much more 
powerful motor , other factors may be considered an electric or pneumatic power , speed and crankshaft size. The 
larger the angle grinding , electric power demand will be.
Many of this angle grinding specifications , special requirements in China have a lot of companies can be 
customized. The pneumatic angle grinding usually relatively small, which is the deciding factor pneumatic grinder , 
pneumatic grinder more portable , more suitable for high-precision work , and pneumatic grinder without motor 
can be underwater operations , so widely used . Although pneumatic grinder , lightweight but still powerful force . 
Electric angle edging typically used large, heavy work . But there are also small electric grinder and large 
pneumatic grinder .

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