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The difference between rotary hammer and demolition hammer(ONE) [2014-09-15]

      Recently,One of our customer bring the sample to his friend but he didn't know the difference between rotary hammer and demolition hammer,So let the editor to tell you the difference between rotary hammer and demolition hammer today.
     First,Tell from the function principle, electric hammer, electric pick is obviously different.
     Electric hammer is used at the bottom of the motor drives the two sets of gear structure, a set of implementation it drill, but another set of a piston, a hydraulic engine stroke, have a powerful impact, with the effect of drill, power can crack rock gold.Electric hammer the power of both the rotation of the drill, and the impact of the hammer, commonly used in solid wall hole, general erector, telephone, network, electrical, carpentry installer will be equipped with electric hammer.
      Electric pick is to make the motor to drive the rotate to jilt tuo do bounce form operation, make the pick a gouge on the ground effect.The pump in the demolition hammer hammer to rebound, which produce picks gouge the effect of the ground, but electric pick only chisel, your pick it doesn't turn.

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