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The difference between rotary hammer and demolition hammer(TWO) [2014-09-16]

     Telling from the application scope of electric hammer, demolition hammer have obviously different applications
     Electric hammer: specialized in wall surface, concrete, stone material to punch above, and the multi-function electric hammer, adjust to the appropriate position with proper bit can replace ordinary electric drill, demolition hammer.
     Demolition hammer is widely used in pipe laying, machinery installation, water supply and drainage facilities construction, interior decoration, port facilities construction and other engineering construction, apply to pick brazing or other appropriate accessories, such as chisels, shovel to broken concrete, brick, asphalt pavement, chisel, mining, slotting, cutting and other operations.
      After you reading now,do u know the difference between rotary hammer and demolition hammer?if you still don't understand about this ,you can contact with us ,We will tell you the answer and how to choose the high quality electric hammer and demolition hammer.CHUAN BEN POWER TOOLS provide you high quaility electric tools.

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