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The difference between the impact drill and electric hammer [2015-06-01]

Impact drill is a kind of both can rotate and with the impact of electric tools. It with adjustable mechanism, when no impact on the adjustable ring in rotational position, twist drill hole on the metal. When adjusting ring rotation and impact position, how to go up with cemented carbide drill bits, but in the face of brick, concrete wall, roofing, scene for drilling.
General electric drill with rotating way only, especially suitable for drilling in need of a small force material, such as cork, metal, brick, tile, and impact drill is universal, because they can use the "single diamond" model, also can use "percussion drill" model, so for professionals and for themselves, it is worth to select the basic electric tools.
Impact drill in general is not intended for use as a drill: because of impact drill when use direction is not easy to grasp, it's easy to have a wrong operation, big hole; 2 it is bit not sharp, make the open hole is not neat, burr or crack; Three even with switch, and as far as possible need not to drill hole, unless you use a dedicated wood drilling bit, but due to the fast speed of drill, it is easy to make it black hole place that bit fever, which affects the service life of drill bit.

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