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The difference between the pneumatic tools and power tools [2014-07-31]

     1. According to the volume weight is greater than the output power
Under the condition of the same output power, more little lighter than electric tools
      2. No overload fault
The overload occur even if the pneumatic tools. Tools just stop running, once remove overload phenomenon is to restore normal operation, has no influence on tool, any failure will not occur
     3. Easy to use and repair.
     4. Strong resistance to water
Flooding is harmful to the tool, but not like a power tool has a fatal harm
     5. Adjustable speed and output power adjustment is simple, through the operation of the air supply valve handle and adjust the regulator can be simple.
     6. It is easy to achieve high-speed operation
     7. Special explosion-proof structure
     Because does not produce sparks. Can be used in explosive dangerous location

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