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The difference between the pneumatic tools and power tools [2015-03-25]

The difference between the pneumatic tools and power tools, pneumatic tools: 1, if the weight and volume ratio, pneumatic tools of the output power is bigger than electric tools. 2, when the pneumatic tools in case of overload is just shut down, if the abnormal situation after recovery, will operate properly and not affect the tool itself. 3, pneumatic tools, water resistance is very strong, although might damage the tool, but not like a power tool, can produce fatal after touching water. 4, pneumatic tool is easy to develop full capacity. 5, pneumatic tool can control the volume to adjust the output power and speed, simple operation. 6, simple and convenient maintenance, only need to refuel maintenance regularly. 7, the structure of the tool itself is special, won't produce sparks, in use process in some easy to fire or explosion situation can be at ease use. Electric tools: electric tools of the initial investment is lower pneumatic tools, but if the long-term use of energy dissipation than pneumatic tools, and the cost of maintenance is pneumatic tools several times even more; Electric tool weight often is pneumatic tools of 3, 4 times, are not suitable for use for a long time; Electric tools can have deadly touch water, pneumatic tool is safer, will only damage the tools themselves, will not cause danger; And electric tools which sparks, can't operate in some inflammable and explosive environment. Although pneumatic tools upfront costs relatively high power tools, but after using save energy consumption, maintenance cost, can use for a long time to maintain cost is lower, can be suitable for all of the environment, more environmentally friendly. , no matter from which aspect to consider is a trend in the future.


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