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The difference between the Rotary hammer and Demolition hammer and Electric drill [2015-11-03]

From function principle, Rotary hammer and Demolition hammer, electric drillare significantly different:
1, the electric drill is only by by a motor driven gear rotary drill bit strength increase, the drill bit in the metal, wood and other 
substances do scraping ripped through the form, it can be said that he is the previous hand drill electric.
2, the hammer is the bottom motor drives the two sets of gear structure, a set of it drill, and another set of drives the piston, 
as if the motor hydraulic stroke, resulting in a strong impact force, along with the drilling effect forces can be split stone and 
metal. Hammer is drill rotating force, and hammer impact, generally used for playing a solid wall of hole, general installation 
work, telephone, Internet, electrical, carpentry installation work will with a hammer.
3, electric motor drives is to make the swinging of the swing weight do bounce run, make pickaxe have gouge ground effect. 
Electric pump hammer flipping back and forth, resulting in pickax hit the ground effect, but hammer chisel, picks it does not 
From the scope of application, electric drill, electric hammer about application of different
1, only can drill drill, impact drill drilling can also have a little hammer effect. Hammer drill drill and high hammer, hammer 
and hammer only do not drill.
2, the electric drill commonly drilled more flexible thin things, such as wood, aluminum alloy, thin plate, metal, plastic, and so 
3, hammer drills are function of the upgrade, mainly used for drilling in concrete, brick and stone on the floor.
4 electric pickaxe, widely used in pipe laying, mechanical installation, to the construction of drainage facilities, interior 
decoration, the construction of port facilities and other construction projects construction, applicable to pick rod or other 
appropriate accessories, such as chisels, shovel on concrete, masonry, asphalt pavement were broken, chisel, mining, 
slotting, cutting and other operations.
5, an electric pickaxe is chisel, famous for its destruction, no wonder some people call him king of destruction of the Diangao, 
engineering corps electric pickaxe, hit the wall electric pickaxe, tearing down walls electric pickaxe. Just drill drill, electric 
hammer drill and hammer. Punch hammer drill, failure of electricity release.

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