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The effect of electric tools and maintenance matters needing attention [2015-05-07]

1, use 20, the oil pump.
2, storage capacity required within the scope of the above oil window.
3, gas and oil change every time, necessary network in more than 80 mesh filter oil filter, when the replacement need to wash the tank. The oil change period of six months.
Four, working oil temperature 10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius.
5, before start the electric pump, need to open air nut, open the switch in the unloading position.
6, in use process found through high motor temperature, should rest to use. Cooling after use on its own.
7, the pump has been adjusted, before delivery shall not be arbitrarily high, need to adjust, must be conducted with the help of a pressure gauge.
8, high-pressure tubing factory into, through 105 mpa. But because the hose is easy ageing, so users need to often check, generally for six months, the frequently used for three months, check when 87.5 MPA pressure testing, if there is any breakage, prominent, leakage phenomenon, cannot use.
9, bearing general clean six months, the assembly when the need to add grease.

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