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The electric tool after-sales service of Chuan Ben [2015-09-09]

    Chuan Ben electric tool believe after-sales service quality determines the customer's impression of our company, so we are very pay attention to after-sales service and so very pay attention to the advice to our customers.
    Importance for sichuan rush, after-sales service of the main performance in the following six aspects:
1, Can enlarge the width and depth of customers, develop loyal customers even lifelong customers;
2, Promote the progress of the new job as the old belt;
3, Increase the company's products credibility;
4, It is advantageous to the company's corporate image of the overall foreign output;
5, Marketing work for the company to lay a solid market foundation;
6, Increasing the company the advantage position in competing.
     Our after-sales service take one-on-one to solve way, every customer has the specialist is responsible for handling after-sales problem, We try my best to solve the problems of the customer, customer satisfaction, and we provide customers with the best quality, the most convenient service.


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