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The impact of electric tools and handicraft [2014-09-27]

          What is a handicraft? It refers to the manual labor to make arts and crafts with unique artistic style.And there are different from mass production in large industrial mechanization way normalizing daily arts and crafts arts.Handicrafts is pure made by hand or with the aid of tools products.Such as Carpentry, sculpture, paper cutting, embroidery, pottery, puppets and so on.And the development of the arts and crafts and the development of tools is inseparable.With the development of hand tools to electric tools, it brings craft a huge impact.On the one hand,electric tools bring convenience to our life.In terms of handicraft production has brought innovations,It also makes the way large mechanized production crafts possible thus brings to the economic development,.On the other hand,Electric tools also makes the traditional handicraft hit, arts and crafts become fast turn up, in some ways there is no longer pure manual carefully, before many of the traditional handicraft technology has also faced the crisis of lost.

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