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The matters needing attention of Demolition hammer [2015-11-26]

1, pay attention to lubrication
Please be sure to disconnect the machine before filling the power switch, and unplug the power plug from the power supply 
Large-scale demolition hammer (such as Z1G - 65 type) with tank, so even if you don't supply oil, if the operation time is 3 ~ 4 
hours a day, still can use continuously about 20 days. Using electric pick, should according to the following method, filling or 
obvious hammer to cheer in a timely manner.
When erecting drilling, if the oil gauge peep window to see the oil (or 40 # oil), should be timely added refueling. Come on 
before, you should use attached wrench to dismantle the oil meter, and must be very attention, prevent the loss of the 
rubber seal. Should check the oil level once daily, confirming the amount of oil is enough.
Small electric pick (e.g., Z1G - 0810), with electric hammer appearance, should be injected electric hammer, 30 grams of 
lubricating oil, no more than 30 grams. More, can make the machine produces serious fault; Add less, can lead to high fever, 
burn out internal parts, not casually use automotive lubricants, bicycles with chain oil or other lubricating oil.
2, the maintenance of the motor
The motor winding is the heart of the demolition hammer, should be carefully examined for damage, whether by oil or water 
3, check the brush
Once the motor brushes are consumables, wear and tear to the limit, motor may appear all sorts of fault. If you are using 
automatic stop type brush, the motor will automatically stop running. Brush should often clean, in order to make sure can 
slide freely in the brush.

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