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The origin of the Lantern Festival [2015-03-05]

Lunar New Year Lantern Festival Lantern Festival, also known as the (Lantern Festival), which is one of the traditional 
festivals China Han and some ethnic brothers, is also one of the Chinese characters cultural circle area and overseas Chinese 
traditional festival. In the Han nationality ancient custom, the Spring Festival (Lantern Festival), the Ghost Festival (Festival of 
Obon Festival), yuan (water official festival) called the three yuan, is a very important traditional festival. And eat yuanxiao, 
lights, guess riddles written on lanterns are some of the most important folk custom of the Lantern festival.
The legend of Lantern Festival is a Chinese emperor to commemorate the "Ping Lu" and set up. The Han emperor after the 
death of Liu Bang, the son of lvhou reign of the Han Emperor Liu Ying. Hui Di cowardly, irresolute and hesitant, power 
gradually fell in the hands of Lu. The Han emperor died after the court to monopolize the Lu Liu's world into a world news 
veteran, Lu, Liu clan deeply indignant, but are afraid lvhou brutal and began.
After lvhou illness, fear of being hurt and crowding out second be on tenterhooks. So, set secret in general Lv Lu home, 
conspiracy insurrection things, to completely take over Liu jiangshan.
This spread to Liu Liu clan room king Liu Xianger, Liu Xiang in order to protect Liu Jiangshan, an expedition against the 
Libyans and then decide the founding veteran Zhou Bo, Chen Ping made contact, the design of the lifting of the Lu Lu, "chulu: 
of chaos" finally be completely calm.
The insurgency, all his acclaimed Liu Bang's second sons Liu Heng ascended the throne, Emperor Han Wen said. A time of 
national peace and order had deeply be not easily won, "the Libyans to quell the rebellion" Lantern Festival, as have fun with 
the citizens, the capital of family decorate, celebration. From then on, lantern festival celebrate and became a folk festival -- 
Lantern Festival "".
When the emperor, "too much of a God" ritual activities in the Lantern festival. (too: masters of the universe, all of God). Sima 
Qian created the "Taichu calendar", has been identified as a major holiday will be the Lantern festival.

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