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The trend towards internationalization, specialization, standardization [2015-10-17]

Chuanben brand electric tools, focusing on electric tools for more than 20 years, a wide range of products, for the production of electric tools have a wealth of experience. The main is to do export,
In 2010, our company is in the country to do their own brand electric tools. So the current domestic market Chuanben brand electric tools or more vacant, but we are currently in the national distributor is rapidly increasing every year. Currently on the market there are a lot of electric tools, the price is also uneven quality. But what we do is our own brand, the maintenance of their own reputation. In order to achieve the best interests of customers, we use the highest price, the best after-sales service to you the best ideas to show our products.
Chuanben electric tools production site in possession of "hardware are," said Yungkang, here are a breath of the strong hardware production. I started the first time before the company is a motor,
At that time, the quality of the motor is among the highest in the city of Yongkang is product quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine Bureau machine motor are produced by our company. After more than 20 years, the accumulation and efforts of a step by step, now we have a very perfect in the production of electric tools. We do is the brand, so we always have the quality first, the idea of selling second to build our sales channels. The reason why this way, we will have a good sales team, customer feedback and suggestions for the premise, standing on the customer's point of view to give the best feedback to our customers.
Our service attitude is, the customer first interest second. The reason why we have quality assurance and quality services, we have a huge customer base. To you and our common interests, we look forward to working with you.

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