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The use of grinders [2015-06-10]

1: security matters
1: when installing or replacing the flexible shaft of the grinding head, be sure to unplug the power plug!
2: chuck and chuck flexible shaft of the fuselage, the flexible shaft and the grinding head, be sure to use a small wrench lock.
3: when the electrical power is turned on, the power switch must be disconnected in the state of OFF.
4: before processing, in addition shall be machined parts fixed firmly, should also will grinders test (no-load), in that there are no any abnormal to machining operations.
5: operation before use, the head to check carefully, no use has broken or cracked head.
6: when using tools, should wear protective goggles.
7: for parts processing. Should be appropriate to control the pressure of hand grinders, should not overexert.
8: when using cutting chip processing, be sure to ensure that the staff deviate from the tangent direction of cutting blade, to prevent cutting blade flying blade wounding.

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