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Three Prime Minister 's visit to China the same day , the luxury of a coincidence ? [2013-10-25]


Chuan Ben power tools, both as a domestic market, but also export factories , always pay attention to international developments .
Recently seen internationally prime ministers visited the same day , autumn diplomacy. China was the world's attention yet ?
About Autumn diplomacy such words and concepts , we look at some media comments , for example, the Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong media said the Chinese intensive diplomatic launched around autumn , following China's top series of " force " the southeast , the Chinese diplomatic and surrounding in the north -west direction launched a campaign to highlight the surrounding is the first Chinese statecraft . Another Japanese Asahi Shimbun , very concerned that the Chinese government and the US-Russian summit diplomacy big country , come to an end , is now actively working to promote the surrounding diplomacy , the purpose is to pass to deepen relations with neighboring countries messengers , to weaken the "China's threat theory . "
In addition to the Russian media said, at present although the development level of Sino Russian relations is very high, but the cold hot under the situation has not been changed, it may be said is the relationship between China and Russia is not able to sleep without any anxiety. Also put forward some look forward to. Music teacher media with luxury foreign to describe, of course we noticed a recent Chinese diplomacy, or it is a mystery in it. For example, some people think that, in mainland China, Southeast Asia and Central Asia diplomacy, and seem to have very fiery, and relative to the US Japan at sea surrounded, do a comparison, think China actually want to take diplomatic advantage on land or sea, to resolve to resist the siege, you feel these comments have nothing exactly where? Also called autumn foreign transfer a what kind of information?
Is a luxury coincidence?
This should be said that in Singer's last visit to the term of office, he reflects a very important meaning that is to say, China and India is now are partners. To advance the strategic cooperative solid in front of peace and prosperity partnership. So this was the President Hu Jintao and India established. After this time he comes, there will be some very specific cooperation idea, for example on China India Mianmeng, their economic corridor, if their economic corridor can be built, especially through the interconnection infrastructure construction, then to improve the economic development in the whole area, because this area or a poor one area, especially in South area, so that the development of China's economy, and India's potential advantage, drive the whole South Asia between China and India, so if they are stable, so 40% of the world's population will have been developed, then the friendship between China and India, then the world 40% of the population is a friendly relationship. So this is important.
Good international relations to be established, on our export of electric power tools is very important. Chuan Ben electric tools mainly export country even if India, Russia, Brazil, the prime minister on the same day visit to China, not only shows that China's national strength and prosperity, but also promote the domestic economic prosperity.

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