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Three series products of Chuan ben power tools [2015-01-24]

The three series products CHUANBEN.MUBANG and HUAZHONG of SHANGHAI CHUANBEN Power Tools face 
customers with  "quality, creating, affordable ".CHUANBEN electric tools series is given priority to with 
architectural decoration. MUBANG electric tools series is given priority to with wood series which is the quality of 
high-grade electric tools positioning and high cost performance. And HUAZHONG mainly affordable for household 
sexual power tools.
Our products include electric drill, hammer, demolition hammer, polishing machine, planer, vacuum blower, 
With the development of the CHUANBEN electric tools in recent years, We in the product market share and 
customer's reputation has improved obviously. And for the future, our goal is to hope that the future customers to 
mention power tools will think of us.

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