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Understanding Electric router [2015-11-06]

Carving from the processing principle is a combination of drilling and milling, because the application is very extensive, so it is 
necessary to understand the various types of Electric router, the most appropriate application range. Small power only 
suitable for double color plate, building model, small signs, three-dimensional crafts. Because the power is too small and 
greatly affected the scope of its application. Large power Electric router  can do something small power. The most suitable 
for large cutting, relief, sculpture.
And different kinds of Electric router  is suitable for different material carving. Do not think that buying a Electric router  can 
do all the words, manufacturers to the Electric router  is divided into a variety of specifications, for a variety of different 
processing tasks. For example you buy a level mold Electric router  to carve the double color plate, or buy a largeElectric 
router  carving seals, which are caused huge waste, and also won't get good effect. Also you buy an ad - level engraving 
machine to do the mold, it may not be competent. So you in front of the purchase, must to the sales staff to fully explain 
reading what kind of work to do, including the size and material of workpiece material, material thickness, weight, 
eventually carving effect and requirements and so on.

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