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Use all kinds of power tools [2013-12-12]

1, The drill - for metal materials, plastic, drilling tools. When equipped with reversing switch and electronic control devices , can be used to make electric screwdriver . Some models come with a rechargeable battery , can be within a certain time , work in the absence of external power supply .
Special Type: right angle drill --- suitable for use in confined work spaces . ( Drill head and the body was 90 degrees ,
Required working space decreases. )
A, Annex : F.twist drill --- best for blacksmith , aluminum and other materials. Wood materials can also be used to play , but the positioning is not accurate , easy to deflect .
S.Hole --- apply on iron and wood materials openings .
T.Wood drill --- specifically for playing wood materials. With a dowel rod , accurate positioning.
2 , Impact drill - mainly used for electric tools masonry , concrete and other hard materials drilling . When the impact mechanism
After closing , it can be used as an ordinary drill.
Note : playing Concrete slow pace of work at the time required , preferably with hammer .
3 , Hammer - for masonry, concrete, natural stone or artificial power such drilling tools, drill and hammer function interchangeably. Lightweight widely used SDS-PLUS drill drill chuck and drill bits, medium and heavy-duty hammer drill replaced SDS - MAX chuck and drill bits, chisels and clamp .
4 , Marble machine - typically stone cutting , you can choose dry or wet cutting blade commonly used are: dry saw, wet saw, wet or dry saw blade. Decoration for cutting tiles .
5 , Jigsaw - mainly used for cutting steel, wood , plastic and other materials , reciprocating saw blade up and down or swing
Moving , the most suitable for cutting accurate straight or curved .
NOTE : cutting different materials , different types of blades used .
6 , Angle grinder - mainly used for grinding steel and stone and so on. Common grinding diameter 100mm, 125mm,
180mm, 230mm.
7 , Planer - planer knife shaft is rotated with power tools, mainly for planing wood and plastic surfaces
Cut its planer can be adjusted.
8 , Cutting machine - mainly used for cutting different angles of aluminum, wood and so on. Used to pay attention
Tighten the blade , wear goggles.
Note: The cutting of different materials , using the corresponding specialized cutting machine, can not be universal.
9 , Wood engraving machine ---- used to open side , drawing , carved .
10 , Trimmer --- for wood slotted to repair the door.
11 Sanding machine --- for sanding wood. Need to put on sandpaper .




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