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Use two kinds of Die grinder [2015-03-03]

First is not directly connected to the flexible shaft :
In the attachment you want to use in selecting cut diamond grinding and polishing parts, thin slices need to take 
the rod to unscrew the screw rod connected to the connecting rod mounted on a thin slice above the shank 
accessories can be mounted directly to the electric mill above first the electric grinding the front iron and loosen 
the cap , ( the round button on the head of the arrow next to the press , rotating electric grinding head , go to a 
location , you can not rotate the head , you can loosen or tighten the nut . ) the Arbors insert , and then tighten the 
cap. Then plug it in , turn on the switch , file transfer speed can be 1-6 .
The second method is the use of flexible shaft connected :
First electric grinding down the front plastic nut twist, loosen and cap, the flexible shaft to which a shaft into the 
chuck inside, and then tighten the cap , then the flexible shaft of white light of the large nut screwed onto the 
electric mill just unscrew the front part of the plastic nut tightened at the other end of the flexible shaft and 
tighten the chuck shaft and soft cap , the accessories fitted to the chuck , chuck end of the line shafts have to win 
a seven -shaped wrench can operate wrench is used to install accessories . Finally, the use of electricity , generally 
open to start the normal rate of about 3 files .
If you buy a retractable holder clamp bracket you can put on the table , the electric mill hanging bracket can 
reduce noise.

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