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Using opportunely electric drill DIY watermelon barrel---- Party DIY(ONE) [2014-09-23]

Do you enjoy going to the party?In a hot Summer night, people often like to party and often eat

watermelon and a cup of iced drinks.Today,let me tell you how to DIY watermelon barrel.It will

give you your hot summer with a cool and refreshing.

       First,You need the following tools:A big watermelon.A sharp knife.A spoon.Three inches

electric drill bit.A large pen.

       Second,Selecting watermelon the protruding part of a circle with his knife, forming a "lid",

keep the lid.

       Third.With big spoon started digging all of watermelon and fruit juice in a large bowl.Just the
flesh, not including the skin.

        Fourth.Pen in watermelon tag on the control of faucet, then use a drill to drill through.

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