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Using opportunely electric drill DIY watermelon barrel---- Party DIY(TWO) [2014-09-24]

Fifth.Carefully inserted the faucet long neck handle good watermelon holes.Don't be too hard because may lead to rupture, or crack.If you need to slightly enlarge hole, use a sharp knife.To ensure seamless integration hole and the handle, so as not to leak.

Sixth,A full inspection, make sure everything tight, no leakage.Then you can pour drinks.

Then,let me tell you one of the drink formula.

1.A watermelon, puree
2.Three cups of coconut rum
3.Half a cup of watermelon asked other gin gin goods
4.Half a cup of pineapple juice or other fruit juice
5.Half a cup of crushed ice
6.Lime wedge or cherry as a cocktail

Then, you can then enjoy a cup of iced watermelon wine in a hot summer day.Do u enjoy party?Let's make it myself.

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