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Venezuela will use the RMB currency instead of the dollar in the international payment mechanism [2017-09-10]

Venezuelan President Maduro step 7, Venezuela will use a basket of currencies in the international payment mechanism in place of the United States dollar.

At afternoon a special meeting of the constituent assembly on the speech Maduro said, in response to the U.S. financial sanctions against Venezuela, Venezuela will use the RMB, the Russian ruble, yen, euro and the India rupee consisting of a basket of currencies in the international payment mechanism, and Bolivar and the national currency exchange.

Maduro the same day to the constitutional convention submitted in the country to open foreign exchange, fixed 50 basic commodity prices, large property tax levy, punishing economic crimes, the promotion and protection of foreign investment in the Commission package, and said that Venezuela will win the U.S. and domestic opposition sponsored economic war".

That is meaning, many of the countries can accept to use RMB to trade, we can agree useing L/C payment..

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