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What are the challenges faced by the analysis of power tools [2014-12-13]

1.Comparing with a high level on the international market, the low 
level of production technology and management of power tools , product 
features a single . To become bigger and stronger competition in the 
international market , the urgent need to expand the high-end market 
share in the international market competitiveness of products to be 
further improved.
2, the international and domestic market for quality and brand power 
tools more picky , either electric tools dealers, or the majority of 
direct users , attach great importance to the quality and brand power 
tools . Therefore, the market to good quality, good brand power tools 
inclination to increase . This is an improvement , indicating power 
tool market matures. Because of this, the domestic brand awareness and 
brand power tool market is more prominent , many power tools dealers, 
especially a little strength and size of power tools dealers , all of 
the distribution of a good brand power tools exhibit highly motivated .
3 , due to the power tool industry with low barriers to entry , in 
innovation , product development, brand development and other aspects 
of investment is small , with a power tool products with independent 
intellectual property awareness in the international market is not 
enough, international marketing the network has not yet established 
effective . Capability of independent innovation and brand awareness 
should be further strengthened.

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