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What is enterprises focus on the development of ChuanBen power tools on 2013 [2013-09-18]


Chuan Ben power tools, according to the technical requirements , applications , etc., can be divided into industrial, professional and DIY household level three levels. Among them, the industrial-grade power tools products are mainly used for process accuracy or job demanding workplace environment , such as the aerospace field , with high technical requirements , high profits, the market is characterized by a small range ; DIY power tools are mainly household level be applied to less demanding precision and continuous operation time is not long occasions, such as home improvement , simple decoration and other occasions, with low-tech , low profits characteristics.
Currently most of Chuan Ben Power Tools are DIY consumer-grade products as the main direction of development . With a minimum profit so that more people in Sichuan Ben power tools get warm and happiness. The professional-grade power tools Chuan Ben power tools , high speed , motor , long life, can be sustained for a long time the job is repeated , with a high technological content and high profit margins and market a wide range of brand value characteristics, recommends professional order.
Chinese domestic market perennial power tools Bosch , Japan, Makita , Hitachi, Japan , the United States and other foreign brands DeWalt giants firmly adheres . From the recent trend, the domestic market share of foreign brands in decline, the rise of electric tools Chuan Ben expanding market share , to replace imported brands. In the domestic market share of the top ten ,Chuan Ben shares , while small, but it is the fastest growing one rookie , from the construction of production has just 17 years, already ranks among the top ten markets , have to catch up nearly century-old Bosch , Makita trends in Japan .

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