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What kind of power tool handle is perfect ? [2013-09-05]


As we all know , the power tool handle is a combination of human and machine parts connected to the different structure and shape of the electric tool handles, such as a pistol shank , straight style , carry climbing style , because the different structure of power tools , the best grip span is different such as hammer and drill, when operating arm force requirements are not the same, the best grip span is also different. Therefore, the best choice handle span , must take into account the requirements of the above into account, because the specific power tool is operated by the categories of personnel .
The other is the handle material selection, production manager of the United States Decker Allan Brels ford has pointed out: "In many hybrid electric tool handles mounted on rubber , providing comfort , good grip surface ." Handle surface of an elastic material , the operator will feel more comfortable. Select --- handle structure manufactured using a variety of methods vibration damping handle, can greatly reduce the vibration transmitted to the hands , such as Sichuan Ben tools 80226 hammer handle is to add a damping function .
Concluded that only allows the operator to feel comfortable handle is the perfect power tool .

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