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When Uncle happy life encounter power tools [2013-11-05]

Everyone knows decoration is a chore, even now without hands , and that they have a new house from time to time to see progress , be described as a sheer distracting . Although usually Zanba staring at , but taking into account the new house these days has entered the final stages of renovation carpentry work , supervision and brother decided to go look . So let me also encountered an antique belly black uncle .

The uncle was a master carpenter . People quite honest, every time I see he is in a good mood ; but it is also particularly deft work . Brother to see him draw a line mark , is definitely a veteran . But when the uncle took out tools of the moment, I froze for a few seconds. ( Uncle , you thing this is a TV series ? 60s or 70s ah ? These tools , tert You may be able to , we may be able to ah nor aunt ! ) This is too OUT of it.



I asked to know , the original Uncle power tools broken. Hey , then you say that earlier , electric tools, brother , you know . Brother how to say is also regarded as a technical ingenuity otaku , while back just bought a jigsaw . This does not, just to come in handy. Look at this metal gear housing with plastic casing , just look at the appearance that this is a first-class power tool. It comes with Chuan Ben quick installation system allows replacement of the blade becomes more convenient. If the sharp blade and electric drive with the use of this efficiency is definitely the antique wood saw can not be compared, uncle ah , Sichuan Ben force the power tool wood there ?
Uncle looked at me out of this thing , but also for a moment . Then Biechu I completely speechless words, " turned out to be friendly, no wonder we are so hit it yet." It makes me not let your belly black uncle do ? Not recently bought this from Chuan Ben jigsaw in order to give your old plan with the use of this content with the latest power tools, of course, this can not be white with . Taking advantage of Uncle deft work, I also took a few good pictures.
Finally, a word to give Uncle , professional tools , coupled with professional skills , be called true professional .

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