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When using power tools should pay attention to? [2013-12-20]

A, do not overload the electric tool. Please choose the right power tool for the job requirements. Use appropriate power tools at rated speed, allowing you to better and more secure to complete your work.
B, do not use a damaged power tool switch. Everything can not be controlled with the switch is dangerous and power tools must be repaired.
C. conditioning equipment, replacement parts, or before storage, remove the plug from the outlet. These devices prevent accidental starting safety standards.
D, please do not use power tools where children can not reach places. Please do not allow or do not understand the power tool to read the description of the person to operate the power tool. No trained people to use power tools are dangerous.
E, please be careful maintenance of power tools. Please check for errors adjustments catching moving parts, breakage of parts, and all other work that may affect the power tools under normal circumstances. There are issues of power tools must repair
Good to use. Many accidents are the cause improper maintenance of power tools.
F. Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. With a sharp knife, after careful maintenance of cutting tools, and more difficult to be catching and easier to operate.
G, follow the requirements of the operating instructions in regard to the work environment and job types at the same time, according to the purpose of the particular design of power tools, the correct selection of power tools, accessories, replace tools. Power tools can be applied beyond the scope of the design work will be likely to cause danger.


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