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Widespread use of electric tools Chuan Ben , good prospects [2014-02-24]


Power tool industry to actively introduce advanced technology to 
promote its own strength, the rapid development of China 's foreign 
exchange integrated in the power tool industry , the rapid development 
in recent years, Chuan Ben .
Power tool industry , are advanced equipment manufacturing industries, 
and enhance services in advanced manufacturing . Chuan Ben electric 
tools are widely used in high-speed railway construction, shipbuilding 
, automobiles, and other advanced equipment manufacturing and road 
construction , decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other 
production areas .
Chuan Ben power tools in technical content , application, value 
products or product gross margin level , much higher than many peers 
factory. Ben Sichuan electric power tools , high speed, long life motor 
, duplication of work can continue for a long time , high -tech , high
-profit, broad market coverage , joining the low threshold .
Joined the Chuan Ben power tools not only product quality assurance , 
and more stress-free incentives, scored quickly call it. Hotline :400 
13mm impact drill

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