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Wild degree drill , power tools manufacturers tell you [2014-11-28]

ChuanBen power tools, always on your side.Today we are talking about is the wildcard of the power tools drill .
Drill wildcard refers to the degree of each other can be replaced before the appearance of different brands of the same model inside parts, which mainly refers to the wildcard with some big brands such as Bosch, Makita and the like between , for dealers, is certainly a good wildcard high , because it is more convenient to do service, and can be used in some of these accessories brands repair , profits are high .Our tools are now basically Wild , and the big brands of the same style 
accessories quite high, so many customers ask us those brands of motor and machine is relative to the time, you do not have to worry about so many problems Oh , Ben Sichuan electric tool motors generally and all power tools brand is Correspondingly, this is for the convenience of the customer service , there is slowly improving quality oh. So I believe this wildcard degree , but also make dealer satisfaction , so that consumers can be assured .

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