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Yongkang agricultural exhibitions , power tools manufacturer you eat food [2014-11-18]

      Yongkang annual agricultural fairs held as scheduled , but food is 
always the most attractive place , and the most popular is the former 
food booths packed with people and a variety of voices , although some 
noisy but also a wonderful .
      During the agricultural exhibition, Sichuan Ben Power Tools also 
thank Ben customer support for Sichuan electric tools , during the show 
we purchased some specialty Yongkang Sichuan Ben gave us power tools 
into a single client , such as meat, wheat famous Yongkang cake and 
some own sun dried sweet potato and the like, to give Ben came to 
Sichuan power tools production base of customers . After customers have 
eaten the flesh of Yongkang Maibing endless praise , and even said they 
bought a lot of good back home .

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