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Yongkang "China Hardware procurement base " in the title [2015-02-04]

BEIJING, Feb. 2 Jinhua (Reporter Hu Fengsheng ) Recently, the China Chamber of Commerce Yongkang officially 
awarded the " China Hardware procurement base " and " Chinese door industry sourcing base " title. This is the " 
hardware capital of China ", " China's doors ", " all of China Power Tools ," " Chinese capital of recreational sports 
car ", the Yongkang also get two " GuoZiHao " regional brand
Chinese Chamber of Commerce executive vice president and secretary general , said Jiang Ming , Yongkang 
hardware industry occupies a large proportion of the national hardware in the country , the prestigious 
international , national development hardware industry has made a great contribution , was awarded the " China 
Hardware Procurement base "and" Chinese door industry sourcing base " truly . " Hardware Fair has become an 
important annual event the domestic hardware industry colleagues a much-anticipated , much attention ."
"' Chinese hardware procurement base ' and ' China Gate industry sourcing base ' of these two regional brands 
available, can be said Yongkang another big good news. It will further expand Yongkang hardware products and 
sales channels categories of products, promote marketing docking , upgrade Yongkang comprehensive economic 
competitiveness, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between hardware and door industry in our country . " 
relevant person in charge of China Science and Technology Hardware City , told reporters through a professional 
market depth docking, Yongkang will further consolidate its domestic " China Hardware capital " market position.

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