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Yongkang DIY electric tools [2015-10-05]

With the continuous development of world power tools and technology, electric tools become indispensable tool in people's life, more demand market for power tools companies at home and abroad to see this piece of fertile market.The rise of DIY and could start the electric tool industry in a new direction.Yongkang electric tool DIY also in rise, CHUANBEN electric tools also in the production of DIY electric tools to follow the development of The Times.
     The global power tool industry, according to the characteristics of product technical requirements, application field, can be divided into industrial grade, professional and DIY home three levels.Among them, industrial electric tools products are mainly used for precision process or operation in the workplaces where high environmental protection requirements, such as aerospace field, with high technical requirements, the characteristics of high profits, market scope;DIY home and electric tools is mainly applied to precision request is not high and sustained operation time is not long, such as home repair, simple decoration, etc, has the characteristics of low technology content, low profits.And professional power tools no matter in the field of technology, application scope, or in product gross margin, value-added products are far above level DIY products.Professional power tools power, high speed and long life of the motor itself, can be sustained for a long time repeated operation, with high technical content, high profit margins and market a wide range, high industry threshold, high brand value, etc.Electric tools of yongkang DIY in developing continuously improve technology, to get rid of these shortcomings and sichuan in the running of the power tools are also trying to.

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