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Yongkang electric tool manufacturers to bring you into the agricultural products show food scene [2015-11-10]

The annual agricultural exhibition and the opening of the, foodies in Yungkang manufacturers of electric tools and early in the morning is rushing to the scene of the agricultural exhibition, to find food Yongkang the tongue. As for small series chowhound, agricultural exhibition is like happiness drop from the clouds. Let's go together like food.

The mascot of the agricultural exhibition is very cute, Yungkang manufacturers of electric tools and learned they are designed as a prototype to Yongkang of Diospyros kaki, a name is sweet a lanlani, this agricultural exhibition, also increased the a pavilion, called "Internet + agriculture", so that not only can multi-channel, all-round development business platform to the marketing of agricultural products, can also be used to show our traditional Yongkang food production process for more people to see. In addition, the exhibition hall is one of the important window to promote the city, the exhibition of the exhibition is: the first nine agricultural exhibition, and the city of

China's agricultural construction exhibition, the city forest city created the picture show, etc.. Yongkang specialty food there are many, such as dry wheat bread, meat, barley, wheat bread, bovine blood soup, black glutinous rice, Ma fried rice cake and so on is very characteristic and the delicious food. Do you want to try it? The Yongkang electric tool manufacturers will give you some small Po Food pictures to feast our eyes.


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