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Zhejiang and Jiangsu power tools power tool which is more cost-effective [2013-09-09]


At present, the domestic electric tools industry chain mainly concentrated in the Jiangsu area of Qidong, and Zhejiang Yong Wu Jin area, electric tools in Zhejiang area from the beginning of the last century 80's, after multiple rounds of the industry reshuffle electric tools factory in the shuffling process a round, whether it is spread from the quality of the products and brands have a qualitative leap as, new electric tools products has been further improvement and innovation, in this area so far, the Zhejiang electric tool in price also has its own considerable advantage.
Of course, can not deny that in recent years, electric tools, Jiangsu area to the villagers with fellow promotion way, to share its power tools products rapidly improve, coupled with its own key parts in electric tools products - motor technology advantage, make Jiangsu electric tool products has also been recognized by the wholesaler and distributor of electric tools more and more
But now Jiangsu district electric tools products because of the lack of experienced too much precipitation market there are product quality is not stable, although there are a few Rudong, country strong brand support, but their prices and Zhejiang electric tools the same quality price is relatively high, that is to say, in the same quality conditions, Zhejiang electric tool product price will be higher.

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