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YongKang ChuanBen power tools Co., Ltd.

We are one of the world’s largest professional production and development of electric tool manufacturers, 22 years we are committed to provide electric tools for major supermarkets and global top brands include electric drill, impact drill, angle grinder, cutting machine, electric circular saw, electric planer, Jig saw, electric blower, electric sander and other power tools, research and development series of products and customized services, after 20 years of precipitation, we have a professional electric tool product development team at present, can fully meet the different needs of countries around the world from the electric tool production and customization requirements, professional design capability and quality assurance system, relying on the power tool industry cluster perfect, let us customers easy access to first-class quality, cost-effective electric tools series products, and consumers in different regions of the world to provide the most suitable design and development of their own The power tool customization service allows customers to quickly find the most suitable series of electric tools for their own products, in the case of not less than 1000PCS, the average price of our product orders from $10 Sichuan run electric tool start-up in 1997, the start-up period has been engaged in R & D and production of electric tools – heart motor, ensure the stability of electric tools machine products. At present, our factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, we have three professional tool production lines and new product research team, with rich experience, this month production capacity has reached 10000, since 2010, we integrate the production capacity, strengthen the staff training, and ship launched a series of electric tools products, greatly shorten the production cycle, delivery time from the industry average of 30 days, reduced to an average of 15 days, the fastest day of delivery, enhance product stability, improve efficiency and the level of OEM for Southeast Asia and The Belt and Road along the country provides a sustainable, stable, small wholesale products business for the company to develop the brand to provide a solid base in the world The foundation.

22 years of Sichuan ran electric tools products have been exported to countries around the world, especially in Southeast Asia and South American markets, and established long-term cooperative relations with other countries in the world. The company Sichuan dealer, self-reliance, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Take the customer as the basis, the premise of the quality of the enterprise idea and you create brilliant.