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  • Fair opens today,it estimated number of overseas buyers attending will rebound     [2014-04-15]

        The 115th Session of China Import and Export Fair, held at the opening press conference, Fair spokesman, deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, said Liu Jianjun, expected number of participants 115th foreign buyers than the 114th, 113th is expected to close in level. 2014 Guangzhou Spring Fair will be kicked off on April 15. Liu Jianjun said that although China's foreign trade "double down" in the first quarter, but the trade fair exhibitors overall stable condition. To be the number of exhibitors in the United States the number of ex...

  • Chuan Ben how to made with high-quality power tools     [2013-08-26]

      First, Chuan Ben tools adhere to their own grasp motor technology , only high -quality power tools talent with outstanding motor high quality power tools. Most of the electric motor is the core of the tool . High quality power tools work , low noise, high output power , providing high torque , job stability, strong anti-overload . Do not underestimate the internal motor , rotor, stator , coil , small powerful motor learning big. Poor market pistol drill, ten minutes of continuous operation , the machine can already smell the burnt smell vaguely road , but by the Chuan Be...

  • ChuanBen power tools spring activity     [2018-03-18]

    Our ChuanBen power tools factory, has a spring activity,between Mar 18-Apr 8. We will recommend the prime cost is 69RMB copper motor 13mm impact drill. If you want to get the detail price, contact me, mine wechat:15267921387,

  • The current situation of the electric tools industry in 2018 analysis of the export leading demand     [2018-03-12]

      1. The electric tools can be classified into three categories and nine classes   As one of the common application tools, electric tools can be seen everywhere, such as electric drills, saws, cutting machines, mowers and so on. The application range of electric tools is very wide, it is an important equipment for daily production and life, and plays an indispensable role in the social and economic development. In accordance with the technical requirements and application fields of the product, the electric tools can be divided into three levels: industri...

  • The Boutique Ph 65 motor     [2018-03-07]

    The Boutique PH65 motor. we make the rotator as adhesive and rope tying technology, it has longer life, and  beautiful appearance. The stator, has spray technology, protect copper wire.

  • the circular saw     [2018-03-05]

    Hand-held electric circular saws assumes: hand-held electric circular saw is the ordinary chainsaw, generally used in large size, not in the table saw the materials used, used for finger board open wide, long thick wood cut etc.. Now many handheld circular saw can adjust the angle of high and low. There are more charging circular saws on the market, and the use of DC power is more convenient.   ChuanBen circular saw

  • choose the electric drill     [2018-03-03]

    As the most widely used product in power tool industry, electric hand drill is generally used for drilling or penetrating objects. it is not only small in size, light in weight, strong in function, but also more and more important in our life with the continuous expansion of electric hand drill function and the improvement of power. So hand drill what brand is good? Pick good goods, of course, still have to have experience, here is to introduce you to choose hand drill experience. First, the classification of electric hand drill Before choosing a hand drill to understand the type o...

  • choose the marble cutter     [2018-03-02]

    By a cutting machine of marble stone group, conveyor, positioning guide plate and a machine frame, marble machine adopts iron suitable for dry cutting, wet cutting all kinds of stone, building materials, ceramic tile, granite, marble, cement, brick, refractory brick, home decoration is the necessary weapon. Marble cutting machine can be respectively in different depth on the stone, can be processed, for less than 1 cubic meters of stone can greatly save the stone resources, turning waste into treasure, but also conducive to protect the environment, and the effective use of small stone, w...

  • jack hammer     [2018-03-01]

    Rotary Hammer: professional dirt in the strong surface, mixed, stone top drilling, and multifunctional electric hammer, adjusted to the proper position with appropriate drill can replace the ordinary electric drill, hammer. Electric Jack hammer: a powerful direct impact damage to objects like you with a hammer and chisel to work, but the efficiency is N times higher than that of manual hammer and hammer. The main difference is the size, power can drill the big hole is called the hammer, from the principle of almost all, are drill with rotation and hammer action. The site w...

  • happy new year     [2018-01-02]

    At 2018 the first working day, ChuanBen power tools company wish all customers are every day happy! Wishing they in the new year to receive more orders, business flourishing, rich financial resources! ChuanBen power tool brand has been the majority of customers and friends for their support in the market since 2011, has made some achievements, however as a veteran business company is in the domestic market is a novice, we need more support, new brands need to post more to the product vitality of the products passed to the hands of our customers, inject new life more powerful bra...

  • how to electric tools     [2017-12-19]

    The first electric tool in most people's tool boxes is the electric drill. The table saw can save a lot of cutting time, some people use electric circular saw, and there are two kinds of saws. The corner mill and the sand machine are also a good helper for your work. There is engineering, electric and electric tools are also commonly used. The two most common sizes of electric drill are 10mm and 13mm, and 16mm electric drill, which is widely used. The best thing is that the 16mm's electric drill is capable of working with a blender. Any jobs in the family. The speed of the electric d...

  • Analysis of Yongkang Chuan Ben electric tool electric drill     [2017-12-01]

    The switch of electric tool electric drill is equipped with infinitely variable speed, and there is a small knob on the speed regulating switch, which can have six or seven limiting gears. After adjustment, when using low speed gear, it will not be too heavy to cause too much speed. A total of 9 screws on the shell. There is a layer of grey coating on the outside, which is much better than the galvanized or blackened. The technological level of the mold is very high and the inner wall is very smooth. This plastic shell feels very strong and has a good wrestling resistance. ...

  • how choose the impact drill set     [2017-11-29]

    Now many family users like to buy a suit of drill tools, but the tools they are afraid to buy are not durable, or the drill bits are poor. I will teach people how to choose the impact drill set. First, the impact drill,you need to find the good quality and cheap price. Home people are not as same as professional worker,need to use the tool many hours every day.So the easy to fix and good quality  impact drill is very suit family users, i recommend people to buy ChuanBen impact drill, the accessories are as same as Bosch, Dewalt and Makita. the most impotent reason is that ch...

  • Jinhua electric tool manufacturer in September because of environmental protection is very busy     [2017-10-09]

    This year, the Ministry of environmental protection led by the central environmental inspection work is vigorously carried out, the intensity of unprecedented, governance effect is obvious. As a Jinhua power tool manufacturer, because the product line involved is relatively long, it is because of the shortage of raw materials that the original order can not be completed on time. Sometimes, it can only stop production and stop production Electric tools in this industry, because the accessories variety, process, so, once the factory not prepare for standardized products, then hand...

  • How to choose ChuanBenn power hand tools     [2017-09-25]

    The ChuanBen Power Tool model has the advantages of light structure, small size, light weight, small vibration, low noise, flexible operation, convenient control and operation, convenient carrying and use, firmness and durability. Buy power tools should pay attention to the following points. 1.The outer packing of the tool should be clearly patterned and not damaged. The plastic case is firm and the plastic case should be firmly and durable. 2.The length of the cable shall be no less than 2 meters. 3.The nameplate parameter of the tool should be consistent...

  • What is the electric tools?     [2017-09-25]

    Power tools electric, power tool A mechanical tool powered by an electric motor or electromagnet and driven by a drive mechanism. Electric tool Operated by hand, a small power motor or electromagnet is used as the power to drive the work head by means of a drive mechanism. Power tools are mainly divided into metal cutting, power tools, grinding power tools, assembly of power tools and railway power tools. Common electric tools electric drill, electric grinder, electric wrench and electric screwdriver and hammer, impact drill, concrete vibrator, planer. Elect...

  • Venezuela will use the RMB currency instead of the dollar in the international payment mechanism     [2017-09-10]

    Venezuelan President Maduro step 7, Venezuela will use a basket of currencies in the international payment mechanism in place of the United States dollar. At afternoon a special meeting of the constituent assembly on the speech Maduro said, in response to the U.S. financial sanctions against Venezuela, Venezuela will use the RMB, the Russian ruble, yen, euro and the India rupee consisting of a basket of currencies in the international payment mechanism, and Bolivar and the national currency exchange. Maduro the same day to the constitutional convention submitted in the c...

  • Safety operation rules for electric tools     [2017-09-02]

    1, the mobile robot and electric hand-held electric power line must use three single-phase soft rubber cable, three-phase power line must use four core rubber cable wiring, wiring box; cable sheath should wear into the equipment within and be fixed. 2 the power tools should be inspected before use: (1) shell, handle without cracks, no damage; (2) the protective earthing wire or the zero line is connected accurately and firmly; (3) the cable or cord is intact; (4) the plug is in good condition; (5) the switch is normal, flexible and free of defects; (6...

  • ChuanBen power tools shift to planning and diversification     [2017-09-01]

    Affected by foreign trade prices are not ideal, most of the power tool manufacturers began to adjust the strategy, pay attention to the domestic power tools market, and actively carry out market development. With the promotion of enterprise brand construction, the power tool industry can be fully transformed, from the current simplification to the planning and diversification of the future, and effectively meet the market demand. Some production enterprises in China already have sales advantages in China, and they need to play their own advantages and innovate constantly. Although...

  • ChuanBen electric tools are the primary policy is to ensure product quality, the pursuit of custom     [2017-08-30]

    ChuanBen tools to ensure the quality of supply stability, best-selling, adequate supply of styles, long sent a rich industry experience of the Commissioner stationed upstream production enterprises, in-depth line, in the production of the source to control quality. Relying on strong enterprise strength and channel advantages, select the best integrated marketing, customized production. Dozens of power tools brand, to reach a shop to ten stores marketing scale. The new model, new tools Rumbaut impact and influence is the shock of the electric tool business model. To ensure the prod...

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